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(Your future practice will thank you)
What's That Mean 
For You...?
​​​​New Patient Appointment #'s,
Which Cause..



Our mission is to help Chiropractors finally achieve the New Patient numbers they deserve. While wielding the greatest healthcare product in the world, it's a disgrace that DC's aren't helping more people, and making much more money. With Lead Adjustment, that changes.
Landing Pages
That Convert
Dr. Dan
I was skeptical at first. I’ve been let down by many marketing “gurus”. Borderline stolen from. So my apprehension of signing with a marketing firm was scary. These are not bunchof kids that want to make a buck in their parents basements. This is a team, each one has a specialty from copy, video, distribution and metrics. A Creative bunch. Seems like Hayden is available 24/7 for me and moves fast without sacrificing quality.  
Disclaimer; your marketing efforts are only as good as the content you provide your marketing team. Sure, they can help you but they can’t “invent” you. Don’t know what I’m talking about? They will lay it out for you - don’t worry! ThanksPURPLE!!
Dr. Jeff
I've been practicing for 27 years and have heard of or tried most marketing ideas for new patients. When I heard about Hayden and Power Surge Marketing I was skeptical and thought it would most likely be another gimmick or overpriced way to get patients. I was wrong. Since beginning with Hayden and his team we have had a tremendous ROI. After the first week we paid for the first 3 months of what Hayden asks the chiropractor to invest. 
After just the second week we've paid for almost the first 6 months. If you would like to increase your new patient flow you should seriously consider Power Surge Marketing...I'm glad I did!
Dr. Greg
Powersurge has by far been the most effective marketing I've done for my Chiropractic clinic. No it's not the cheapest, but that's what happens when you hire a professional and get professional results. I had previously hired an amateur and the results showed. In my first WEEK with Powersurge I had 8 new patients. The previous company landed me 1 in 1 month. Powersurge doesn't just take your money and run. They check in on you to see how things are going. What changes can they make to help you be more successful. They will give you advice on your end (your staff) to help you be more successful. Very happy with the results they've provided!
Dr. Andrew
Power Surge Marketing is the absolute best marketing I have ever done!!! I have done Newspaper ads for 4 months that produced 2 NPs. My staff and I have done so many screenings and dinner talks we cant count. If you are looking for a turnkey marketing solution with very little effort on the Dr/Staff part than you have to give PSM a try. We had 18 new patients from mid November through the end of December all from PSM. Remember, this is during the Major Holidays season as well!!! Their system just works!!! One of the best things about PSM is that whenever someone opts in to our FB offer, I get a call on my cell phone. The phone rings so much that my kids recognize the number and tell me "Hey Dad you have have another New Patient calling"!!! PSM is a no brainer!!!
(Your future practice will thank you)
Coralyn Wall
We have been using Power Surge Marketing for a little over a month. The Facebook ad has become our main source of external marketing. The amount of time and effort that our office has to put into this (nearly no time or effort) is so much more profitable and efficient than going to businesses or schools and giving presentations. Hayden and his team are so involved, they are on top of the ad and updating when necessary. they know who's interested in the ad, who has scheduled or not scheduled and they are constantly updating us on how the ad is performing. I believe that anyone who uses Power Surge Marketing will benefit and be extremely happy with the results. We have had over 50% of the inquiries make new patient appointments and that number keeps increasing the longer we use this service.
Dr. Dan
Hayden and Power Surge Marketing have been very successful at bringing new clients into my chiropractic office. I have spent tens of thousands on Google Ad Words, mailers, and even other Facebook campaigns with little success. From the first week that we started with them I have been flooded with new patients. Last week was the most successful week I've had in practice and I owe a lot of that to them. I highly recommend Power Surge Marketing.After just the second week we've paid for almost the first 6 months. If you would like to increase your new patient flow you should seriously consider Power Surge Marketing...I'm glad I did!
Dr. Kristi
Working with Power Surge Marketing has been wonderful so far. Hayden has done exactly what he said he would do, and we have had QUALITY New patients walking through the door. Many other marketing companies have promised and not delivered. Hayden definitely has a great system that works and it is easy to implement. Give him a week to prove what he can do! I was skeptical, and if he hadn't offered the free week, I would've never given him my business.
Dr. Matt
So far so good! I have been with them for about a week now and I have almost seen more new patients than I can handle, defiantly not complaining! Hayden and Jessica have gone out of their way to help me get this going. With both of them it feels like a very hands on personal relationship, not just a number. I have tried a lot of other systems base around face book or the internet and were disappointed every time. So far the quality of the Power Surge patient is much better than I have experienced with the other systems. I have nothing but good things to say and I hope that it continues to help me build a thriving practice!
(Your future practice will thank you)
1. Who are you?   
Simply put... The guy/team that'll be responsible for the massive growth of your practice in 2018. 
If you want "credentials", ask when we speak on the phone. We work with 3 national franchises as a company, and manage ad budgets for larger clients north of $40,000/month.
2. So what, exactly, do you do?
I own a digital marketing agency and every single day we run online advertising campaigns for businesses - primarily chiropractors - to passively bring 'ever so valuable' New Patients through the front door.

We've added multiple five and even six figures of additional monthly revenue to the vast majority of our clients. We also consult them on various strategies to maximize every aspect of our combined efforts.
3. How can we work together? 
You've got 2 choices:

1) "Done For You" - You pay us a monthly fee,​​​​​​ and we do EVERYTHING for you.
2) "Do It Yourself" - You take our proven strategies and do it yourself, with ongoing support.
4. What's in it for me (You Doc)?
An opportunity to never worry again where your next patient will come from.  
5. What's in it for us? 
Either an agency or an educators fee. We’ve invested the time, money and a ton of energy to prove every strategy we teach, while tripping over many, many more that simply didn’t produce, all of which will allow you the shortest path to success. 
6. Why can't I just do all this myself?
You can try :) ... But, for the length of time you've been practicing you simply haven't mastered the subject matter we teach, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! You can join another Facebook group, watch another YouTube video, read another blog article and “try things out”… OR … you can get the refined and proven strategies that will work with the turn of a key.
7. If it's so great, why tell me? 
See #4 and #5 above. 

The reality is, almost every DC needs more New Patients. The question then becomes how will you get them? You know the typical strategies, and I hope they're working for you. With that being said, the opportunity for massive growth leveraging the digital strategies we teach is undeniable. Time passes, methods evolve, and opportunity is staring you directly in the face. You can either reach out and seize it, or wait for your competition to force your hand.
8. But I don’t know the first thing about marketing and advertising...
That’s exactly why you need proven guidance. Whether we "Do It For You" or you "Do It Yourself", this is the legitimate shortcut... An opportunity to shorten the learning curve while saving precious ad dollars.
We walk you through step-by-step and point-by-point, leaving NOTHING to the imagination, ensuring your ultimate success. Our process is proven and we’ve got the tools, the training, and the support to take any “newbie” from dud to stud in a matter of weeks, not years (depending on your commitment level) 
9. What if I’m low on time or money, or both? 
That’s exactly why investing in this program should be at the top of your priority list. Unless your building was struck by lightning and you’ve got to replace the entire roof tomorrow which sucked up all your cash…the reality is, you’ve probably always had not enough time or money. 

"If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got."

When our strategies are implemented properly you’ll be able to measure how much money it took to get someone through the front door. Compare that against your conversion rate on NP's, then multiply it by your Case Average and you’ll quickly see the return on investment. Measurability in marketing is key, and you best believe that with us, you're going to know your numbers. 

We have some strategies that take months to produce, and others that LITERALLY take minutes (from launch)
10. Why schedule a call? So you can sell me?
Yeah. Pretty much.

You’ll soon come to learn that when you pay me a dollar, it will likely turn into many, many more dollars. My agency clients often find ways to pay me more money because most every time they do, it gets multiplied.
(Your future practice will thank you)